About Us

Who we are and what we do

IT Crack team is a family-owned information technology service company established in 2017 serving both residential and small businesses in the RTP area of North Carolina. Our core services involve installation, maintenance and repair of IT equipment ranging from personal computers (and peripherals) to computer networking devices. We also provide website design and development, coupled with domain name registration and web hosting support.

We take pride in automating monotonous tasks; our developers are skilled in determining the best solution to deploy to save time and energy while reducing chances of error to the barest minimum.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to:
  • provide timely IT support services to residences with ease, in a secured manner and at an affordable cost
  • assist small businesses to deploy comparable IT system that is cost effective for the particular season of the business
Our vision is to:
  • be the go-to tech company for IT support in all residences in all 50 states
  • excel in providing small businesses with targeted, effective, and efficient IT support to drive business growth